“The past is never dead, it is not even past”- William Faulkner
President Barack Obama used this quote in one of his famous speeches and it applies to this chilling movie.
Look for the clues in the first quarter of the movie and stay with it because the pay off is worth it for the rest of this flick.

Even though this movie is built on the foundation and the horrors of slavery and deep rooted racism in the South of America, this is not a supernatural movie, it is a film with a black heroine who’s voice cannot be silenced.

See this if you want to understand the black lives matter movement and how people of colour are treated so badly by sectors of our society.
Any similarities between the poster art work for Silence of the Lambs and Antebellum is no coincidence, it will all reveal itself.

The movie trailers for Antebellum are misleading and don’t reflect what this motion picture truly is about.
Ignore the poor reviews and see it for yourself, anyone who doesn’t get this was clearly not paying attention in class.

Here we have a movie that will haunt your dreams and nightmares from the Producers of “Get Out” and “Us”.