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SOLD OUT Bring your Doggo Day: A Dogs Way Home


Bring your doggos to the movies!

For the First Time Ever, we’re doing a Dog friendly screening on March 3rd for the adorable movie  A Dogs Way Home!


All Tickets are $15, and if you would like your doggo to have a seat – please purchase them a Dog Ticket!


Please feel free to bring a blankie or bed for your dog to sit on, whether it is the floor, or they are deciding to use a seat.
There will be outside access available before and for the duration of the film, with special activities at 8:30am before the movie starts!
Note: Please note that owners are responsible for any mess that their dogs make. We will be providing cleaning equipment and have allowed immediate external access for convenience. It is up to the owners to determine whether their dog is friendly and sociable enough to participate in the screening.

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