The movies need YOU – See Tenet!

Not gonna lie – TENET is probably the most important movie Limelight has ever screened!

We’re not a big chain. We’re a small independent, trying to compete by delivering great experiences and great value, and supported by an incredible team of local employees who care deeply about what we do.

We’re absolutely determined to keep doing so, but COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on cinemas, and especially independent businesses like ours. New release movies are the air we breath, and our survival hinges on getting a steady flow of them. TENET is critical to making that happen. We need it to succeed, so that other movie suppliers will have the confidence to release new movies now, rather than delaying them until 2021.

So TENET is not only the vision of one of the all time great film-makers, it absolutely demands to be seen on the big screen, and the very future of cinemas depends on it.

If you value the magic of seeing movies in the cinema, and appreciate the unique value that we strive to bring you, please see TENET on the big screen.


Ross Entwistle
Founder & CEO
Limelight Cinemas