The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard


Sequels rarely work because it’s all been done before in the original so the plot lines are usually a case of SSDD. This is where “The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” is different.

It’s a fresh take on characters well established after the first movie which I also gave 70% score too upon reflection.
A number of key creatives in both cast and crew return for this sequel, which is probably why it doesn’t fall into the usual sequel syndrome and fail.
Amongst those making another appearance on the big screen are Salma Hayek and Richard E. Grant, but the newbies are Antonio Banderas and Frank Grillo plus another huge name almost bigger than God! One of the biggest surprises in this movie is the man who plays Mike Bryce’s (Ryan Reynolds) father seemingly retired from Hitman duties and living in Tuscany.

Even Assassin Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson) was left speechless when introduced for the first time on screen…although in real life these two actors have worked together before on stage, but not in a feature film and Jackson considers him a mentor. It’s a big year for Reynolds whose “Free Guy” is also finally being released in 2021.

Like the first film this one was also shot entirely on location in Europe with some amazing backdrops in Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and the UK.
The first film put Michael Bryce into therapy, but this sequel will put him into hospital after he is hit by a car, run over by a boat, punched in the face, shot, stabbed, burnt and drowned. He’s the Road Runner of Live Action Cinema.

Get on board this second road trip from hell that even involves an E Type Jaguar.
You’ll laugh till it hurts, but I’m sure the stunts hurt Reynolds even more.
Hit me baby one more time with this action, comedy, crime sensation!

The Aussie Connection: Australian born Writer, Producer and Director Patrick Hughes continues to establish himself as one of Hollywood’s most in demand film-makers…grossing millions worldwide at the box office.