In 1995, a boy named Andy got a new “Buzz Lightyear” toy as a gift licensed from his favourite movie that year.
“Lightyear” is the movie about that movie.

This explains why Chris Evans can voice Buzz, because not all toy franchises use the original movie actors to voice the toys. They sometimes hire voice actors (guys like me) who can mimic the lead actors voice for the product that ends up on toy store shelves.
Fun fact: Evans and Tim Allen, who voiced the character in the “Toy Story” franchise, share the same birth date, June 13th, just decades apart.

That said I loved this movie! It’s just pure joy and the animation is first class…wait for the sandwich eating scene. “Lightyear” is one of those rare animations that can make you laugh, cry and sigh. Others that fall into this category are also from Pixar and Disney including “Up”, “Lion King” and of course “Toy Story”.
There are so many nods to other famous movies in the course of “Lightyear”, including Star Wars. You’ll have fun just picking them out and discussing all of them with family and friends long after this movie has ended.

By the way do NOT leave till the house lights come on because there are 3 Easter Eggs in the titles.
Interestingly even the name of the movie isn’t revealed till the end of the film. This animation would look great on IMAX…just saying. “Lightyear is Pixar’s first spinoff and second prequel after “Monsters University”. The LGBTQ community will be happy to see representation in a children’s animation although it is causing issues in some Asian & Middle East countries with refusals to screen the movie. Whilst others see the relationship as too woke. Let’s face it the creators are simply reflecting real world lifestyle’s…same sex marriage is legal in most countries now…even Australia.

Listen out for veteran actor James Brolin voicing his first animated film role in his 80’s.
I can’t tell you his character because that would be a huge spoiler, but it will blow your mind and fits in with the “Toy Story” Universe.
By the way the on board navigation system “IVAN” (navi spelt backwards), Kiwi actor/director Taika Waititi playing a wannabe Space Ranger and a character called “Sox” are all scene stealers.

I liked this movie so much I know I’ll watch it again on Disney Plus but it won’t be the same as my cinema experience which was so close to perfect.
See this with your whole family because it works on so many levels as great movies should.

To infinity and beyond!