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Lighten Up at Limelight Sensory Screening


Lighten Up @ Limelight sessions are sensory relaxed screenings for young families and guests with special needs. These sessions aim to include everyone in the memory making experience of going to the movies!

  • The lights are turned up and the noise is turned down for a less confronting experience.
  • Talking, making noise and moving around is encouraged.
  • All ages are welcome – including infants, perfect for parents with more than one child.
  • Adaptive technology is welcome.
  • Showcasing family friendly films.
  • No shushing or eye-rolling allowed.
  • On Screen Captions
  • Reserved seating. Book your seats online to pick a spot that suits you.

So if loud noises and the dark space of the cinema are too much to take in, or your kid has ants in their pants and won’t sit still for 2 hours,

Lighten Up @ Limelight is perfect for you.

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